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Oct. 7th, 2011



I need some serious accountability with my dissertation. Still working on chapter 1 and it's been a *year*. There are 4 more of these things plus an introduction that needs to be cranked out before I'm done. So yes, I've spent the past year writing a mere 11000 words of swill while taking over a hundred pages of notes.

Part of the problem is that I'm on my own writing this thing while balancing, work/teaching/etc. and am the only one reading it. No one else is going to read the stupid chapter until it's finished but since no one else is going to read it until it's finished, I can't get myself to work on it while trying to put together a lecture on representations of Ophelia or grading dozens of exams/papers/what-have-yous.

This was true of fanfic too...I always was a post as I go sort of gal. Ugh. Too bad there isn't a ff.net or lj com for dissertating.

Also next year = last year of funding. Ack.

Mar. 28th, 2011

anteater love (alien)


I'm going to see Romeo and Juliet performed by the Russian National Ballet Theatre on Friday! I'm so excited--haven't been to the ballet since college. It's all thanks to groupon, which despite it's awful ad campaign, is a pretty cool service for the struggling young person who wants to go to cool restaurants, plays, museums etc. but can't always afford them. If you don't have an account already, I'd like to refer you (full disclosure: if you sign up through my referral link, I will get 10 groupon dollars).

In any case, super psyched about this (ok, so I don't know anything about the company and am fairly clueless beyond a Oh-My-That-Is-Lovely way when it comes to understanding ballet, so I hope it's good and I enjoy it) and hope that it gets me back into PT writing. Worst case scenario: I get an excuse to dress-up. Being a grubby grad student makes you forget you are an adult/feminine/person/insert word here sometimes.

Jan. 28th, 2011

nyanko distracted

We'll just pass him there / Why should we even care?

So, kind of late to the game with this and really shouldn't be spending my diminishing free time writing this up (sister's crazy wedding in India coming up, deadline for first dissertation chapter, panic all around about future job prospects....), but I finally got around to seeing the first Iron Man movie.

And while I love superhero stuff, Tony Stark's character is insufferably masculinist and chock full of American exceptionalism which set my teeth on edge but I'm not going to delve into that. What struck me was that the first long speech by the fictional terrorist elements the Ten Rings, based in Afghanistan, was all in Hindi. Setting aside the fact that native Afghanis would not speak Hindi at all, it makes no sense to represent any Islamic militant group speaking Hindi simply for ideological reasons. It doesn't work.You know, that inconsequential part where Hindu and Muslim ideologues don't get along. But the movie blatantly doesn't care--they acknowledge a certain laziness when the terrorist leader brags about how the organization is international and so many languages are necessary.

But what baffled me the most is the sort of interchangeability posited between these languages. One moment they are in Hindi and in another (as far as I could tell) in Arabic or maybe Pashtu or Dari or even Persian? (note: I'm not familiar with any of these or other possible languages this could be--Farsi perhaps. Not Urdu because I can get bits of that...). As if anything that sounds foreign and doesn't have Germanic/Slavic/Romance roots is the same thing. There wasn't even any attempt to justify it with plot--like now he's talking to the group of terrorists from X country and so must switch languages. Moreover, I was watching the movie with my boyfriend, and he being unfamiliar with any of these languages didn't even realize that different ones were being spoken; he just assumed they were speaking the same language throughout. The movie gives no cues to let its audience know and creates the sense that these languages are interchangeable or on some level, just one big language of evil because the subtext is a sort of axis of evil--terrorists are speaking them ergo all these languages are languages of terror. The sporadic subtitling was strange too. At least for the Hindi portions, it wasn't entirely accurate and when it wasn't subtitled was really weirdly cliched and not quite...apt terrorist ranting.

I'd be interested in what someone better versed in more languages could say about what languages are used and in what contexts of terrorism.

Sorry for being so serious and such a Debbie Downer, y'all.

Aug. 18th, 2010

nyanko distracted

Requests Redux!

I'm still at sort of loose ends for PT fic ideas, so I thought maybe I'd take on some requests again since they kept me writing and made me think in ways I usually don't. So, as long as you don't mind that it might take me half a year to fulfill your request ^^;;, first seven commenters get a flash-fic of their choice.

Please indicate character/s and prompt, any particular details you have in mind--for example, if you want something pre-series, or would like Duck to be human, or want Charon to secretly be a werewolf, whatever. If you want, you can ask me to write a missing scene for a fic I've already written, an AU, etc. Sky's (or you know, my imagination...) the limit.

Aug. 3rd, 2010

anteater love (alien)

today was an exciting TPH day for me

I got my copy of TPH in the mail today, which made me all sorts of giddy. And Waifine, who writes, draws, and vids, emailed to let me know she had completed a trailer she had been working on for TPH. I'm amazed by her video editing skills, how she pieced together the dubbing and just made it all *work*. See for yourself:

Aug. 2nd, 2010


And now for something experimental...

I'm trying to get back into PT writing mode but having a hard time with ideas. So far, this is the only thing I've really managed to finish.

Title: Pawn Errant
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Duck/Fakir
Rating: PG
Genre: angst, dark
A/N: In part inspired by Manda-chan's brilliant Beneath Black Feathers and its role-reversal. I thought I'd try to explore what a raven!Duck might look like. I'm afraid she doesn't seem very *Duck* anymore...


Cuckoos, the old man laughed, will steal the nest of other birds, eat their offspring into starvation.
But a Raven, when desperate, may steal even a duckling and dye her feathers in his own black blood


She took one scarlet tipped finger and pressed it against the pulse at his neck, as he stood stock still, captured by the jewel-hard glint of her sapphire eyes. "Straight from the heart," she smiled, feeling his blood pulse beneath her finger. And then it was just the scarlet fingernail, and not the softness of her finger against his skin, a scratch, a slight welt, as she traced her nail down his neck, down his chest, and stopped above his heart.

"I have a quest for you, my knight."


She had appeared before him like a living flame, her skirt of red and orange scraps that flared about her like tongues of fire, covered with the most delicate black lace (where there is smoke, Fakir's disjointed thoughts clamored as the lace splayed out around the spinning scarlet) as she spun towards him on her toe-shoes. Her long fiery hair fanned around her and she danced, flame within flame, a vision in red like the eye of a raven. But it was her eyes, blue, unforgiving, that burned the hottest, like the icy blue eye of a candle flame.

Blood. Raven feathers. His mother's face half covered by strands of her dark hair, by trails of her bright blood. He saw raven claws arching in her dance, her fingers curved like wicked talons. His father's eyes plucked-- He trembled in fear, his knees buckling, and he knelt before her as a knight to his lady.


"A raven besieged our kingdom, trapped my father in a tower. Won't you free him?" she whispered in his ear. And he saw himself as he had always desperately wished to be, and yet had never been. He felt the pull of a hundred thousand stories, of endless adventures, of dragons defeated, kingdoms won, monsters vanquished, the prince saved. He thirsted for her words, half drunk on dreams, on desire. "Your heart is the key to the tower. Unlock the tower door. Give him your heart."


"O flame of my eye, O beloved daughter," her father crowed. "Bring me the knight's heart. I remember the taste of his blood from long ago." And then her ravenous father laughed and she flinched, for his laughter always meant pain. "His own blood made me, so long ago, his own blood gave me life so long ago. If I drink it now, surely it well set me free from this infernal cage. I will drink his writer's blood strained through generations, I will tear in two his knighted body. Lure him to me, with a story, with a quest."

Apr. 4th, 2010

a pendant heart

This Pendent Heart

It took me three years, but This Pendent Heart is finally finished! And what's even more exciting is that yesterday, mangaka_chan and I unveiled


(banner courtesy of the very talented Mangaka-chan)
The project is a collaboration, each chapter written by me and illustrated by Mangaka-chan. We plan to post two chapters every week (although you can find just the text here if you want to read it all the way through).

I still sort of can't believe we actually finished it. I don't believe I'll be writing such a long Fakiru fic for a good long while. Or you know, anything more than drabbles and oneshots and a dissertation.

Mar. 30th, 2010

nyanko distracted

my lj identity crisis?

I've been LunaSphere on FFN for a while, but when I decided to set-up a fandom lj account, that handle was already taken, and so I settled on a Latin version of it (...what can I say, I'm not very good at coming up with usernames, and I'd just taken a hellish intensive Latin course) and became spheralunaris.

But now it seems the old lunasphere account on lj has been purged and is up for grabs. Should I change spheralunaris to lunasphere then? Will this avoid confusion or engender it? Also, cheap grad student!me asks: do I actually want to pay money to do this?

And just why am I wangsting about this instead of grading? Although I suppose that question contains its own answer.

Mar. 5th, 2010

artistic license

Taking Requests

So, as I mentioned, I finished my awful evil exam of doom and although my sense of self-worth has been erased out of existence, I AM FREE. So, to celebrate, now taking fic requests! (I've never done this before and always wanted to try and now feels like the time for pointless indulgences).

First five commenters get a flash fic of their choice. Please indicate fandom, character(s), and prompt (if you have one in mind). If you want, you can ask me to write a missing scene for a fic I've already written, an AU, whatever. You can request any fandom I've written in before (Princess Tutu, Tamora Pierce, Tokyo Crazy Paradise) or ask for a fandom you think I might be familiar enough with to write but I reserve the right to ask you to reconsider if I feel like I don't know the fandom well enough.

1. amelia_seyroon  : Rue/Ahiru or Tutu/Kraehe fluff

2. haleysings  : Karon's youth

3. serika_san : post-serious Mythos and Rue, Raven's blood

4. blacksheep91 : post-series Mythos and Autor, shopping

5. [info]kai_lis  : Ahiru, Fakir, and Rue: the unlikely friendship

6. [info]mangaka_chan : The Lake of Despair, Ahiru as Juliet and Fakir, her Romeo. What went through their minds as they danced The Last Farewell knowing they were doing the pas de deux of star-crossed lovers.

EDIT: All taken! I'll give it my best.  Now I'm off for a night of drinking and celebrating and losing my braincells. We'll see how well being hungover and writing mix tomorrow XD I'll post them as soon as I have them all done. ~Thanks!

EDIT 2: Now all completed! You can read them in the comments below, or in a more readable format here.
anteater love (alien)

PT Rec/Faves List

Yay! My personal hell is over! At least temporarily! To celebrate, I thought I'd round up all my favorite PT fics and beg my f-list for theirs. I'm much too lazy to give detailed info about each fic beyond titles, authors, and a haphazard organization based on character and shipping.

  • Arrangement by Shayheyred- The best modern PT AU I've read. Just wow. Kind of wish it was longer. Beautiful Mythos/Fakir overtones.
  • An Uncommon Witness by Mangaka-chan - WIP multi-chapter Mangaka-chan set off a spate of 1920's PT AU's with her Roaring '20's fanart, but I like her take on this PT AU best because its clear she has a nice long plot in mind for her fic and everyone is very IC
  • Beneath Black Feathers by Manda-chan - WIP I've heard a lot of people discuss possible role-reversals for PT characters, but this is the first I've seen written out. Here, it's Duck as the heartless prince(ss). I'm amazed by how well it negotiates keeping people in character while having them grapple with different roles.
  • Another story by etothey - I love this, a sort of meta-fairytale retelling of PT

  • The One Who Causes Darkness by Kali Cephirot - I basically love all her Rue-centric fic, but this is one of my favorites, how it plays with fairytales and how you can't trust them, in the same dark, creepy ways the show does.
  • could not erase it by Kali Cephirot - Fakiru is my OTP, but one of the most moving moments to me each time I watch PT is when Mythos cries out "RUE!" [and you know what I'm talking about]. So how could I not love a fic that has that moment at its heart.
  • The Heart's Garden by Gaisce - I love how lyrical this is, how it skates the line between poetry and prose.
Now that I think of it, I think my favorite Mythos/Rue fic tend to be lyrical and my favorite Fakir/Ahiru fic, meta.

Edel (my favorite PT character!)


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